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Why choose Looks by Lady Amour?


⁃ Customized Experience: Your look is based on your individual needs. I custom mix every foundation application. Whether your skin tone is very fair or deep, I will always have your perfect match. There are no cookie cutter makeovers here. I take the time to understand your lifestyle, skin type, and concerns. We build your look from there.


⁃ Special Attention: This is time for you to relax and feel special. I understand for many of my clients this may be a once in a lifetime opportunity. I take special care to give my clients the time to enjoy the luxury experience of getting their makeup done. My attention will be on you. I don’t have store distractions or multitask, as you may find in a retail environment. I am not trying to make a product sale. I am also not trying to do your makeup in a 30-minute slot in order to move on to my next client. I allow you the time you need to feel your best. So whether you are a Bride that needs to stop and cry, or an excited, nervous girl getting ready for her first date, you always have the time you need to look and feel your best!


⁃ High Quality Products: I use the best products and brands from all over the world. Some you may know like MAC and Makeup Forever. Some that are industry secrets that Professional Makeup Artist have been using for years to give clients that look they can’t achieve on their own. My products and tools ensure you will have long wearing, and beautiful application over time.


⁃ High Safety Standards: As a former medical professional, I take safety and sanitation very seriously. Every precaution is taken. This includes the use of disposable applicators, the cleaning of brushes in between EVERY client, and proper cleansing of every item in my kit. 


⁃ Availability: The benefit of being a Freelance Makeup Artist is that I can travel to you, and available outside regular business hours. I bring the “Looks by Lady Amour” experience to my clients, whether you need me in your office or on the location of your special event. 


⁃ Preparation: I provide everything you need. I am often surprised when clients ask if they need to bring something like foundation or concealer to our appointments. I provide everything needed to achieve your desired look. The reason to hire a professional is to be able to take away those concerns. My clients are able to sit back and relax. If you require something extremely unique, we discuss this prior to our appointment. I will either add it to my kit or attain it on your behalf, possibly at an additional cost.


⁃ Education: I am just as passionate about education as I am artistry. I have conducted several workshops for different companies and organizations. I devote most of my free time to learning about ingredients, products, and various techniques to help me continuously grow as an artist. I enjoy passing this knowledge onto my clients. Many of my regulars book teaching sessions with me so they can achieve certain looks on their own. I even offer a service where we do a complete overhaul of your beauty regimen. In case you want a complete transformation to what you’ve been doing. One of my mottos is “Change your look, change your life!”



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