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Prom Prep 101


If I haven't already introduced myself, my name is Jatia Amour and if you are reading this you may have picked Looks by Lady Amour to do your prom makeup at Dyevercity Salon. I am so excited to meet you. I want all my clients to know how special they are, but can I tell you a secret? PROM CLIENTS MAY BE MY FAVORITE!!!! You girls are about to complete one of the first big accomplishments in your life. You are getting ready for Graduation, preparing for College, and are excited about the new stage of your lives. You bring that excitement with you to your appointments and I love it, so thank you again for trusting me to get you glammed up for one of the most memorable days of your lives. This may be the first time you're having your makeup done, or are going to a big event like this. I want to give you some tips so you have the best beauty experience possible. These tips may also make your life (and probably your parents’ lives) a little easier.

1. ) Don’t Try to do Everything on Prom Day

  • Get your eyebrows groomed at least 24 hours before you have your makeup done. Any time during the week of prom would be great. Never on the same day, because makeup wont adhere to the area (especially if you get them waxed). If you prefer to get your eyebrows threaded, I can recommend a place in Augusta. Send me an email.

  • Get your nails done the day before Prom. Try to only do makeup and hair the day of. The day is going to fly by, and you don't want to rush through your appointments. You also want to have time to eat.

  • If needed have your dress steamed 48-72 hours before. If you take it to the cleaners, make sure you know the hours of operation. YOU DO NOT WANT THE CLEANERS TO BE CLOSED WHEN YOU NEED YOUR DRESS. Lay out your outfit and accessories and shoes two days prior. This will remind you if you need hair accessories, undergarments, earrings or anything else and give you the time to get to the mall. You don't want to shop on prom day. Why stress you and your Mom out?

  • Speaking of Mom (or anyone who is helping you prepare)… tell Mom EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO DO AND EVERYPLACE YOU NEED TO GO. Make a list and try to have a schedule or plan and keep it. Don't change the plan last minute, and expect Mom is going to be able to go with the flow.

2. ) Take Care of Yourself

  • Get sleep this week. Especially the night before Prom. If you're tired it shows up on your skin, and makeup won’t cover everything.

  • Drink plenty of water. Your skin tells me when your tired and dehydrated. So if you want to have the most flawless makeup application possible, drink water, eat well (the grease from a burger on Monday will effect your skin on Friday), and get sleep. Makeup only corrects tone not texture. If you drink plenty of water and sleep, my job is a little easier.

  • Take care of your skin. Wash your face, moisturize, and I suggest a using a mild facial exfoliator twice this week. BE GENTLE. Never exfoliate two (2) days in a row! I suggest every three (3) days (the last day being the night before prom). This removes any dry skin and old skin cells so I have the smoothest canvas possible to work with. Now if you are using any acne medications or anything that effects your skin, be careful introducing something new into your routine and talk to your Mom about it.

  • Exfoliate your lips the morning of your appointment. This is super easy, while you are brushing your teeth go over your lips with the tooth brush also. This removes dry skin and preps your lips for lip color.

  • Don't pick! Don’t pop any pimples or pick at your skin (ever), but especially before your makeup appointment.

  • Have snacks before, during or after your hair appointment. You won't be able to eat (or drink) while you have your makeup done and you may not want to afterwards, but make sure you eat. P.S. after you have your makeup done, to keep your lip color intact, use a straw if you drink something.

3.) Be Prepared for Your Appointments

  • Bathe before your appointments. This may seem obvious but some people may not think about it.You don't want to mess up your hair and makeup by having to shower later. Also, come to your makeup appointment with a bare face with NOTHING applied.

  • Be on time. This is so important, hair and makeup should not be rushed. If it is rushed, it will look like it. Give your beauty professionals the time they need to give you their best.

  • Don’t bring an entourage, even one person is a distraction to both you and the Makeup Artist. You can’t hold a conversation and get your makeup done it slows down the process, also, as a beauty professional it’s very uncomfortable to be watched and it’s not the time for a free makeup lesson. Your bestie may want to know how to do her brows but do you really want her asking your Makeup Artist for a step by step guide when they are trying to focus on you? I know getting ready for prom is exciting but your makeup appointment is not the time to socialize. If you want to look your best limit the distractions and leave the crew at home or in the waiting area.

  • Respect the process. You will be sitting still for at least an hour (maybe more). Be patient, sit still and let your beauty professionals work.

  • Put your phone down. This may not be a big deal with hair, but it can kill a makeup appointment. Each time you make a call, take a selfie, check a text, or just making sure you are still maintaining the highest score on Candy Crush, that’s a moment I have to stop doing your makeup and then reposition you before I can begin again. It eats up more time then you realize. Before your appointment, let your friends and family know you are about to begin the process of “slayage.” In order to slay at full capacity, you need to be out of communication for the next hour or two. You will check back in when the slay is ready to be received by the world.

  • Manage Expectations. Know that I am going to make you look gorgeous! I’m going to enhance your natural beauty. I’m going to customize a look just for YOU, but I don't want you to expect to look like an IG model. You've heard of filters right? Most of you have sent me pics, and 90% of those pics have several filters applied. This is fine, but I don't want you aspiring to look like the filtered picture. I’m going to get as close to your desired looks as realistically possible, but I have to tailor those looks based on YOUR FEATURES and YOUR SKIN TYPE. You are an individual, don't expect a cookie cutter makeup look.

  • Trust your beauty professional. You may not be used to wearing makeup, or you may be used to doing it yourself and only wearing it one way. So a bold lip color or a smoky-eye may intimidate you. TRUST I have thought long and hard about what colors and makeup style is going to best make your complete look come together and enhance your best features.

I am so excited about helping you to get ready for your day. Some of you are going to go all over the country, and this may be our only appointment. I hope some of you book me for graduation, or recommend me for other family events and special occasions and maybe even one day far, far,… did I say FAR away, your wedding days. Stay in touch by liking my FB page “ Looks by Lady Amour Makeup”. Follow me on IG @LooksByLadyAmour (Hashtag your prom pics #looksbyladyamour, #looksbyladyamourprom #JatiaAmour) Also, I will be offering exclusive specials to previous clients so definitely stay connected! See you prom day!!!!

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